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How I Met My Husband Online

Our Wedding Story

Todd's Family

Meet My Some of My Friends

Some Pictures from our Holidays

Our Time in Great Falls, Montana

Our Time in White Plains, Maryland

Photos of My Spousal Flights

A Little Bit about my Sister-In-Law's Life

Our Time in San Antonio

Our Time in Del-Rio

Long Distance Relationship Tips and Links

Links of Interest

Things I Miss About NZ

DIfferences I've Found Between the Countries

How I've Changed

Some of my Favourite Recipes

My Time in England

My Contiki Tour Around Europe

My Adoption

My Childhood - My Revelation


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A to Z of Catinkeri - like you needed to know more stuff about me ...

A) Available or Single:
Available to my husband and my three children ... and my friends for a shoulder, a laugh or to chat.

B) Best Friend:
Todd! He knows me through and through and yet he still loves me and wants to stay with me.

C) Cake or Pie?
Define 'cake or pie', if the word chocolate is in there whatever it is I'm all for it.

D) Drink of Choice?
Coffee in the morning to get me going.! Anything diet after that.

E) Essential Item?
Other than Todd and my children - my computer and camera

F) Favourite Color?
Typical woman ... purple

G) Gummi Bears or Worms?
I take it that worms are edible here then?!?!

H) Hometown?
Born in Wanganui, New Zealand but really it's Taihape, New Zealand

I) Indulgence?

J) January or February?
January - the beginning of a new year

K) Kids?
Three - 16 year old son, 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son

L) Life is incomplete without...
Todd and my children

M) Marriage Date?
August 17th, 1998 and then again on April 24th, 1999 - if you like doing it, do it again!

N) Number of Siblings?
None - that I consider siblings anyway ... siblings don't scheme to take your child away from you on the words of a relative stranger

O) Oranges or Apples?

P) Phobias-Fears?
Claustrophobic. I fear losing my husband but he keeps telling me he's not going to let that happen. I tell him if he ever dies, I'll kill him!!

Q) Favorite Quote?
Live life like every day is your last!

R) Reasons to smile?
Todd and my children - I know - I repeat myself a bit on that subject

S) Season(ing)?
Spring (Emerils Anything)

T) Tacos or Toast
I love tacos and I love toast - as long as there's plenty of butter on it.

U) Unknown Fact About Me?
I can turn my tongue over - in both directions.

V) Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals?
Love that meat!!

W) Worst Habit?
Interrupting people when they're talking.

X) X-rays or Ultrasounds?

Y) Your Favorite Foods?
Chocolate. Chicken. Steak. Seafood.

Z) Zodiac?

Check out my family's 2007 in photos!

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