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Over the past 20 years I have been lucky enough to have been invited to photograph many wonderful occasions for clients as well as friends. There are only a few things I find as challenging as committing to 'film' these events so that generations to come can look back on them and garner some of the excitement and joy felt on the day.

Below are a few of the sittings I have done over the years. Unfortunately on my move to America the majority of my work was lost in the post, never to be seen again. Since our last move I have been eager to get back into photography as my children are a little older and therefore easier to leave in someone else's care.

To see more photographs in each of the albums, just click onto the photo and it will take you to more from that session.

If you need more information about my photography, please do not hesitate to email me with your questions.

BK Wedding Photos
IR Wedding Photos
KN Wedding Photos
Great Falls Wedding
FL Wedding Photos
Kerikeri Wedding Photos
Staring Wedding Photos
Bayly Wedding Photos
Taihape Wedding Photos
Taihape 2 Wedding Photos
Taihape 4 Wedding Photos
Dendekker Engagement Photos
Fritsch Photo Session
Benton Photo Session
Sevier Family Photo Session

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