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Carl's Page

Carl's entry into this world was a little more difficult than Kasia's but a lot easier than Timothy's. He took 16 hours to get here, and then when he finally did arrive, they whisked him away and all I could see of him was his little legs and his ... bottom part of his body! I was pretty drugged up but I remember telling Todd every few minutes to go into the room where he was and check on him. All I wanted to do was hold him in my arms. I just don't know how mother's do it when their babies are taken away from them and they don't get to hold them for days and even months!

Eventually thought he was given to me and the rest is history. He is definitely grown up to being a typical Ivener male. He adores cars, loves planes but his specialty is noises. During the day when he would be home with me and the other children were at school he would sit in front of the coffee table with his cars, trucks, tractors, planes and various other objects in front of him and play all day long. The noises that he made would keep me entertained for hours!

He has a keen sense of humour, yet he has a very big heart and is the first there with cuddles and hugs when he thinks you need one. Mind you - cross him one too many times and he'll deck you!! So a nice mixture of the caring and the 'manly' in this young man.

We can't wait to see not only how Carl turns out and what he ends up doing, but what Timothy and Kasia also end up achieving in their lifetimes. Let's just hope we're around to see it!