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Cindy Rae MacIntyre (nee Ivener)

If you're wondering about my choice of colours on this page, purple was Cindy's favourite colour - hence the colouring! Now read on about my sister-in-law.

I only knew Cindy for just over six years and we didn't get to meet too often as she was generally living in a different part of America than we were. But when we did meet she was always the same - she had a smile on her face and ready with her laugh. Cindy ADORED children. She was one of those people where if you went to a family bar-b-que and there were children and adults there, Cindy would be found with the kids! She had four of her own, but I'm sure she would have had many more if she could have. Her children adored her and she was a mother that was always there for her kids no matter what - she very rarely said no when it came to her children and they had love poured on them from her whenever she was around them.

I first met Cindy when Todd, Timothy and I moved to Albuquerque from Alabama, we spent four months there. Cindy flew down from Minnesota where she was living at the time. Terry flew in from San Antonio where he was living at the time and Todd's parents and other brother came over from Phoenix so that they could have a family reunion. It was a lovely two days and we all went and saw their other relatives who lived in Albuquerque. I felt immediately at ease with Cindy, she was a very laid back person who welcomed me into her family with open arms - as all of Todd's family had.

When Todd and I married a few months later in Phoenix, Cindy once again flew down from Minnesota for the wedding. She was a top-notch cosmotologist and offered her services to do everyone's make-up and hair. How could I say no! At that point I was having two of my friends from New Zealand as my bridesmaids and Todd was having his brothers as his best men. During a conversation with her mother, Cindy mentioned that since she wasn't in the wedding party she might have to cut all of my hair off (she was joking of course) but when Bev told me about the conversation I said to Todd that we should have her in the wedding party and do things a bit different - we could have ALL of Todd's siblings on his side of the wedding party. He thought it was a great idea and to this day, I'm so very pleased that we did it that way.

Cindy and her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2001 and so when we flew there to see family, we got to see a lot more of her and her family. Timothy and Cindy had a lovely relationship and whenever we went to Phoenix Timothy would spend time out there with Cindy and her family.

In February of 2004 we had one of our Ivener Christmas' and Todd and I took the opportunity to have Carl christened in front of family. Jeff and Cindy were Carl's godparents and Cindy just loved being his godmother, and Jeff is the godfather of both of our youngest children. It was a lovely family day.

In June of 2004 Cindy was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma. This is a rare form of cancer of the smooth muscle cells. To say the least, it was a shock to everyone. She had been complaining of sore legs and a persistent cough had become more intrusive. She went to the ER one evening when she started coughing up 'stuff' and her legs were exceptionally sore. They x-rayed her and found that she was in Stage 4 Cancer. Cindy never stopped fighting!

They immediately started radiation to see if that would help, but that only managed to stop the aggressive cancer for a matter of weeks. Once she had recovered from the radiation, the chemotherapy started. Cindy had adverse reactions to her chemo and it took her weeks to recover from each of them. She had her continuing support from her families and friends. She never gave up hope that she would beat this awful disease but unfortunately her amazing spirit wasn't enough to overcome the damage it had done to her beautiful body.

In December of 2004 Todd received the phone call to say he needed to get on a plane and get down to Phoenix. The doctors had given her 24 hours to live. He was unable to get onto a flight until the next morning. Unfortunately that afternoon before Todd could get down to Phoenix Cindy passed away peacefully after a truly valient fight. She was surrounded by her loving parents and brother Jeff and her husband, Mac.

Cindy is missed by everyone that knew her and loved her. Her smile is still seen around the house and her laugher is still heard. She touched many people's lives and her memory will go on for ever. She got to meet her first grandson, Luis, before she passed away but unfortunately she missed seeing her second grandson's birth by just a few short months, but I have no doubt that she is watching them from above, as well as the rest of her family and friends that miss her so dearly.

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