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Meet My Friends:
Bosie & Felicity

During that same trip to England when I met Graeme, I was also privileged to meet a truly wonderful couple that go by the names and Bosie and Felicity Vine-Miller! Or Bosie and F.

I managed to find myself a great pub job in a quaint little country pub in Thorpe Green, Surrey. I drank there occasionally with a friend and I needed to find a job with live-in accommodation and I just happened to be talking to the pub owners about it and they offered me a live-in job. It was perfect.

One of the things I loved about working in a pub in England is that you have your regulars and pretty much every day they come in and drink their 'usual' and then leave. It's a wonderful atmosphere and I miss it to this day.

Pretty soon after I started working at the Rose and Crown, Thorpe Green, a couple turned up for a drink and we started chatting as it wasn't too busy and they picked up on my kiwi accent. It turned out that Bosie had worked on a movie that was filmed in my home town of Taihape a few years back. I had seen the movie and so that just started our conversation. They were such a great, fun loving couple that soon they were inviting me up to their home on my afternoon breaks and it was a nice change of scenery for me to get out of the pub.

I loved their verve for life and the stories they would tell me about their exciting lives. Bosie was a well-known movie director and Felicity has a career in painting - both were succesful in their lives. I got to meet their respective children - Felicity's two sons, Jake and Luke Scott and Bosie's son all very pleasant company. I could see how their children were like them.

When I left England to return to NZ I was planning on returning to England and I was going to stay with them. However on my return I found out that I was pregnant therefore I never got to do the return thing. Timothy has two sets of god-parents - Jan and Andy Gill and Bosie and Felicity Vine-Miller.

I speak on a regular basis with Felicity and Bosie and they have a great life for themselves. They aren't on a computer as of yet, so phone and letters are our way of communicating. They were there for me as well when I went through this horific 'family affair' and were wonderfully supportive throughout as well. It's definitely in times like that that you realise who your true friends are. Felicity has said to me that I'm like the daughter that she never had - she to me is more than a mother, she is a best friend and someone I can rely on, lean on and turn to. She is a wise, wise woman who has seen a lot in her lifetime and is willing to share that with her friends.

I haven't managed to get back to England yet to see them both, but Todd and I have it on our plans to do 'one day'. I am really looking forward to introducing them to my family whom they have never met in person. It will be lovely to see them both again and to sit and chat over a cup of tea!!

Felicity Vine Miller
Felicity - This photo was taken sometime in the late 90's and she looks the same as she did when I met her in 1989!! One very classy, lovely lady!

Bosie (Neil) Vine Miller
Bosie - this photo the epitomy of Neil Vine-Miller! A man of few words, but never have I heard a harsh word uttered from his mouth. To me he is the absolute Englishman, and a lovely, lovely man!
Onto my next friend...

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