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Meet My Friend:
Caroline Pusch

Sometimes when you meet someone you just know that you're going to get along with them and like them. Some of those times you're right, some times you're wrong! When I met Caroline for the first time I liked her because she was pleasant, had a lovely smile and her accent just jumped out at me! She was born and raised in Germany and had come to NZ to live and work.

Over the next few years we would bump into each other in the grocery store, in the street or I'd see her when I did my banking ... she working in a local bank. She was easy to talk to, quick to laugh and make you laugh and was always smiling!

We ended up having a mutual friend and began to see each other more often socially. Many enjoyable evenings were spent in pleasant conversations and sharing a meal and drinks with her and her friends - lots and lots of laughs were had that's for sure.

When Top Energy began the process of looking for someone else to work in the office with me there were many people who applied. I was approached by my boss to see if I knew any of them and if I did, what was my opinion on how capable they were. Caroline's name was on that list and I immediately stated that she was a great worker and that I thought she would be able to handle the job with all of its complexities with ease and interact well with the guys in the depot. Now I'm not saying that it was me that got her the job, she did that on her own merits - but she got the job and it was so wonderful having her there.

A few months later when I was going through the initial stages of meeting Todd and Terry online, she was one of the few people that was honestly supporting me. I would go to work and tell her all about my conversations and chats that I was having and she never told me that I was being silly or that I should stop. To me, she was honestly supportive and cared about me.

She was there when I decided to go to America to meet Todd for the first time, she said I was doing the right thing and she held the fort while I was away. She never once told me I was stupid and shouldn't go.

Eventually when I came to America and stayed with Todd she was one who didn't stop writing to me - even though she's a very busy lady with her job. When I went through the awful situation with my so-called family, she was one of the very few people that stuck by me - no questions asked! She has an amazing ability to see through the crap to the big picture at the other side. She has a heart of gold and a personality to go with it. She understands the complexities of moving to a foreign country and settling in - she has been living in NZ for about 20 years now. This is just another facet of our friendship that makes it that much stronger! She has stood beside me when others turned their backs and I am blessed because of that.

She is in a wonderful, caring relationship with a lovely man called Brian and they have a home together in Whangaroa. We speak on a regular basis and I love hearing how she's doing and what she's up to. I was blessed with a few very special friends, and Caroline is one of those.

Lothi, Caroline & Brian in 2006
This is Caroline with Lothi and Brian at a Japanese restaurant in Kerikeri

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