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Meet My Friend:
Debbie Duley

Where does one start when one is trying to describe the friendship between Debbie and myself! Well, why not the beginning! Oh yeah - I can just about hear the sighs from here, but the good thing is - up until this point of my website, Debbie is the last one of my friends, so after this you can (and deserve) a rest!!

When we first moved to Maryland from Montana I found it difficult settling in. Not because I didn't love our beautiful house or anything to do with my family, but because I was no longer in the working world and had never moved anywhere before where I hadn't worked. Therefore I found it difficult getting to know anyone. Andrews Air Force Base is a large base and one I found to be rather unfriendly - mainly due to the fact that the people are so spread out. Thankfully I was near someone I had gotten to know in Montana so that was my saving grace for a long time.

I had been talking to Annette on the phone one day and was pouring my heart out to her about being so lonely and she suggested I look into a Mom's Group - which I did straight away. I joined the local chapter and at the time Debbie was the president. We ended up being in the same playgroup as her son is the same age as Kasia and we hit it off straight away. She was in the throws of a marriage separation and so was going through lots of emotional things. We started talking and it was very natural and easy. She started telling me things about her life and because I don't tend to pass judgement, she appreciated it.

Over time we became best of friends and we spent a lot of time together or on the phone. She has a great sense of humour, a deep understanding of differences in lives and how they're lived, and an insight into how life isn't always as nice as it should be. We found that we are similar in many ways and that's been a godsend for me over the years. She was with me throughout my awful 'family' experience and has supported me whole-heartedly through the process, never once complaining when I raved on and on for hours for no apparant reason. She has been a shoulder to lean on and cry on when needed and an ear when needed as well. I have been able to give some back to her as she is (and is still) going through an awful situation that has been brought upon her through no wrong-doing on her part. We speak nearly every day and she continually surprises me with her humour and outlook on life.

She has finally met a totally wonderful man who is making her happy - something I have not seen with her since I met her and it is really great to finally see her happy as she deserves it so very much. She is a wonderful mum to her son Nicholas, and a great friend and confidente, I don't know where I'd be without her (and my other supportive friends) in my life.

So that's it really - those are my friends. Hopefully over the next few years - and the next few new assignments, I'll get to add some more special friends in here. With all of this moving, it's an ongoing process, but I am so very thankful for the wonderful friends I have made since I was a baby, and the ones I've made along the way. Like I've said so many times over these friend pages, I don't know what Id have done without them, their support, their love and their time over these years. Friends truly are the music of life ... so let's continue to play on!! (okay - so that's meant to be "if music be the food of love - play on" but I thought I'd change it around a bit to suit me!)

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