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More of Our Family Holidays

Grand Canyon - April 2001

In between our move from Montana to Maryland we had a month in which we were 'homeless' so we decided to fly down to Phoenix and spend some long overdue time with Todd's family there. A great time was had by all and we managed to sneak up to the Grand Canyon for a day. This is somewhere else I had seen so many times before in photos so actually seeing the vastness and awe inspiring scenery was a lovely experience.

That's us with 'the big ditch' behind us. I can't tell you how tightly I held onto Kasia that day as she had a tendancy to wander off on her own if left to her own devices. Even Timothy was watched with eagle eyes. It's a long way down there, and I didn't want to find out first hand how it felt to free-fall!

Sunset at the Grand Canyon. The colours just don't translate very well by the time you scan it into your computer. One of these days I'll have to go back there and take some more photos with the digital and see if they do it more justice.

That's Timothy, Kasia and myself on one of the bluffs looking down into the Canyon. As you can see I can easily sheild them from the setting sun with just my body! Lucky them having such a large mother!

Timothy was having a hard time not squinting into the sunset so Todd told him to close his eyes and when he told him to, he'd open up his eyes for the photo! This is the expression that came from that idea! Still a reat photo though!!

Thanks to Graphic Garden for the wonderful graphics!!