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Kasia's Header

Kasia's Page

Kasia came into this world on June 29th after a nice, short labour of only 6 1/2 hours (nice and short compared to my previous three day birth).

From the moment she was born she has been a Princess and probably will remain one! She keeps telling me that she is one and I tell her that she definitely is!

When she was born Todd cut the umbilical and took her in his arms, where she firmly remained for the next two hours! When I asked to hold her he politely replied that I'd had her for 9 months, now it was his turn. It was lovely just seeing him with her so I didn't complain, and I knew I'd be getting my fair share of snuggles during the night feeding times!

Kasia is a mixture of 'Daddy's Girl' and tomboy to boot. She will muck in with her daddy and help him fix the car and the next minute she's all dressed up in her pretty dresses and playing Princess.

Like any young lady Kasia adores her brothers and when she's not delighting in tormenting them, she's playing with them.

She started school just after her fifth birthday and just blossomed into a lovely young pupil according to her teacher. She can be found instructing her dolls or her little brother (if he's in the mood) and she has a way with her words.

When she grows up she wants to be a Princess Nurse. Kasia has an amazingly close relationship with her Granma and Zadie and at lesat twice a week she sits on the phone and chats for ages with her Granma - this is such a special relationship to Todd and I and her love and enthusiasm for her grandparents has been passed on to Carl as well.

Kasia and Todd
Kasia just a few minutes old with her daddy!

Todd and Kasia
Finally I ply Todd's eyes away from his new little daughter, just long enough to get this photo

Kasia 3 days old
One of my favourite photos of Kasia when she was a baby. Asleep in her bed with her bear!
Kasia 5 yrs
Kasia helps her mummy out while she's trying to set up for a photo!


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