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Our Time in Maryland

When we left Montana we practically moved from one side of America to the other. It was a long drive, but thankfully with Timothy helping, it was made that much easier.

Our time in Maryland was a 'mixed bucket' to say the least. Todd and I managed to find and buy the home of our dreams, I never thought I would ever have such a lovely house. It definitely made being in Maryland that much easier for me. We lived in a lovely part of the state (except for the education system and some of other minor problems) and it was great to be so accessible for our family and friends.

While we were there we caught up with friends and family from around the world. It was so nice having Washington DC there with all of it's highlights and attractions.

I got to meet and make some really great friends - after a slow and bumpy start!

I got to do spousal flights and the photos of those are actually on this site ... surprise, surprise! So check those out while you're here!

Here are some pictures of our lovely home that we were lucky enough to have for our stay in Maryland.

Todd took this photo of the outside one day when he managed to fly over.

This is the view from the kitchen into the living room - where the majority of the time was spent - when we weren't on the computer in the basement that is!

This is looking back into the kitchen from the living room. The sun would flow through these windows at the end of the day - I just loved that part of the day!

This is the 'formal dining-living' area. It was ivory when we moved in, but I did a 'while you were away' for Todd one weekend when I knew he wouldn't be back. I painted the room and it just gave it such a warmer, more cosy feeling.

This is the main bedroom from the hall. Lots of space in this bedroom and again, the sun would hit it in the afternoon and warm it up nicely.

This is half of Kasia's bedroom. This room was offered to Timothy when we first moved there, but as it was already painted 'pink' he decided for another room. I just stenciled in the butterflies and bumble-bees for Kasia to break the 'pinkness' of it all. I made the curtains from some really cheap material I picked up - they were perfect for her room with butterflies on them. She spent many a happy hour in this room.

This was our basement and spare room for visitors. It was very handy having all of this 'extra' space. Lots of time spent in this part of the house. Todd particularly liked it in the hot months of the year when it was the coolest part of the house to be in.

Thanks to Cute Colors for their wonderful graphics!!