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A Stolen Kiss

Sun Devil & Catinkeri's Wedding

Date: April 24th, 1999

Place: Todd's Parent's Backyard
Phoenix, Arizona

In April 1999 our marriage was finally witnessed in front of family and friends in the backyard of Todd's parent's home in Phoenix, Arizona. Just remembering that day brings warm fuzzies to my heart, mind and soul!

It wasn't a fancy wedding as far as many are concerned, but for Todd and I, it was perfect. There wasn't an awful lot of arranging to be done, which is a good thing as we had moved from Albuquerque to Montana two months before and were busy trying to get settled into our new life up there. We only got to Phoenix a week before the wedding so it had to be a simple affair. Everyone pitched in and helped and that made everything easier for Todd & I.

Thanks to Todd's parents for looking after the food, Jeffry for looking after the drinks! We all know that's an important part of any good wedding. We'd like to thank Cindy, for doing everyone's makeup and hair on the day. I don't think she touched up the boys make-up but I do know how much time she spent on us ladies! We all looked absolutely perfect (well I thought so at least) - and then she found a few minutes to make herself look even lovelier so that she could be in the wedding party, what a lady!!

We'd also like to thank Kathryn, my birth-sister (another long story!!) who did the photography when I wasn't snatching the camera out of her hands and taking over! It was an all out effort by everyone involved and in the end I think that's what added to the magic of the day! Also - Ross ... thanks *cough* for the lovely, sentimental poem you wrote for Todd's stag night that you were talked into reading at the wedding. It's definitely unique and is now printed out and framed and hanging in our hall - thank goodness not everyone takes the time to read it!!
It was a beautiful day for Todd and I. I think having been married for 9 months already made things not quite so stressful. At least I knew he wasn't going to leave me hanging at the alter! We had friends and family around us and the weather was perfect. When we celebrate our wedding anniversary, this is the day we remember with great fondness.

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He's my shoulder to lean on
Oops - it's not what it seems
Driven there in style
Happy Couple 1
Happy Couple 2
Happy Couple 3
Carole & Timothy
Jo & Jeff holding it together - just!
Jan letting them have it!
The Ivener Clan
The Ivener Children
The Newest Addition
The Reading of the Poem
Kathryn, Carole & Todd
Terry, Marko & Todd
Ian & Carole
Horsing Around
Now, where is that garter?

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