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Our Time in San Antonio

When Todd's assignment at Andrews AFB ended we were off again! This time to Texas for Todd to fly fixed wing for a few years. This meant we had to move from Maryland to Texas - what a drive, but that was made so much easier by the fact that Todd's wonderful parents drove all the way out from Phoenix to help us! What an amazing couple they are - just what parents are meant to be!

Before Todd began his new assignment as a Pilot Instructor, he had to undergo some training as he had been flying helicopters for seven years, so he had to re-learn how to fly fixed wing - as well as undergo training to be a training pilot. This meant he had to train at Randolph AFB for several months! Instead of us staying behind in Maryland and being without him for those months, we decided to move with him. We rented an apartment in San Antonio (Connemara Estates - WONDERFUL people, great location and affordable too) and brought the absolute basics with us (the rest was packed away and put into storage until we moved into our next home whenever we found that). So we lived on air beds, a couch and computer and TV equipment for about four months! We picked up some things in garage sales when we got there - computer desks and little bits-and-bobs for storage!

Our was the unit on the top floor. I got very tired of having to carry all of my groceries up there all of the time, as well as bringing the kids downstairs whenever they wanted to play - AND bringing the dog down to do his bits and pieces as well!

The view from the back porch into the living room - kitchen. It was a very liveable place and I loved the way the sun poured in throughout the day! Kasia and Carl loved the space to play in - with hardly any furniture there was a lot of it!!

Both computer desks were from garage sales! Great buys and so handy for the little time we had in the apartment.

The couch, TV equipment and kid's table we brought from Maryland, everything else we picked up garage sales.

The kitchen - I only took two pots and one fry-pan and a very few other necessities. The rest of the stuff we bought when we arrived in San Antonio.

Carl & Kasia's room - like I said - just the basics were taken with us from Maryland.

Our room - just the mattress and bedding!!

I took this photo out of the car window on the way down to pick up Timothy from the hospital after they operated on his broken leg. I love the skyline of San Antonio so couldn't resist taking these two photos.

When we were in San Antonio in 1998, Terry took us down to the River Walk - maybe while we're in Texas we'll get back down there but we didn't manage to this time. It's really a beautiful city to visit and live in.

I loved the 'wildlife' that used to visit us at the apartment. During the day there was always chatter of some kind between animals. This little squirrel used to make visits often to see what we'd left out for him.

After chowing out for a little while, he decides to relax just a bit more ... looks like an easy life to me!

Thanks to Graphic Garden for the wonderful graphics!!