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My Spousal Flight #4
Spousal Flight - October 23rd, 2004
Andrews AFB, Maryland, USA

I realise that I rave on about this every time that I get to do it (twice a year!) but I just can't help myself.
This flight was no exception. I flew with Capt Beattie and MSgt Burns. We were the third ship in a four ship formation and the weather was almost perfect. There was a little bit of haze around but nothing too bad.

The colours of Autumn were everywhere and it was just wonderful seeing DC from the air.

I wasn't even going to go this time as my sister-in-law is extremely sick and Todd had to fly down to Phoenix to be by her side with her family. I didn't feel that it was entirely appropriate for me to be going on the flight but Todd pointed out to me that Cindy wouldn't want me to sit around waiting. It was a much needed 'time out' for me as we had been under an awful lot of stress lately.

A huge thanks again to the 1st Heli Squadron for making this possible!

Ever wondered what the arse end of a UH-1N Huey looks like as it flies towards the Tidal Basin?! Well, wonder no more! There it is folks! To me it's a wonderful site! I just couldn't resist trying to get the Huey and the House of Congress in the same shot - I was surprised when I saw that I'd done it as if I'd actually planned to get it directly underneath! Of course I did though - great piloting skills are part of the process too!

I can't believe the difference in views with the changing of seasons. We get to do our spousal flight twice a year - once during the blossom festival and once during the autumn. This photo is practically the same as the one I took during my last spousal flight - except there are no blossoms on the trees. Last year when we flew we missed the blossoms completely and when we got to fly in autumn all of the leaves had already blown off the trees so this years flights were such a big contrast!

The colours were just so amazing and I tried to capture them on my camera, but I don't think I did it justice. Not blaming anyone but myself! This picture I like because it shows the beautiful colours of autumn and the Lincoln Memorial. I'm thinking that next time I go I'll just take my video recorder as I think I've taken all of the photos that I can take around here! I'm not giving up my flights though!! Hell No!!!

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