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Timothy's Page


Timothy came into the world at 10:32 pm on Monday, 8th October 1990 after what his mother considered a very long time in labour. Contractions started on Friday evening around 8pm and then he took his sweet time getting out.

But here he is! He was a quiet baby - he'd sit on the floor for ages just playing with whatever was around him. He had glue ear for the first 3 1/2 years of his life so he didn't speak an awful lot since he couldn't hear clearly what was going on around him. When he was 3 1/2 he had an operation where they took out his tonsils and adenoids and put grommets in his ears - two days later he was talking in complete sentences and has never looked back. He's still not a huge conversationalist, but when you get him onto subjects that he loves, he'll chat your ear off. As long as you can talk about football or XBox (or the likes) he'll tell you all about them.

Timothy's move from New Zealand to America was an easy one for him. He met people easily and once we settled down in Montana he made some really nice friends and settled into school there. His move to Maryland wasn't quite so easy as he was picked on by some rather nasty individuals at his school. This made his schooling there difficult and made Timothy miserable. After a failed attempt to give him a better education in New Zealand Timothy decided that he liked it better in America with his family and he's never looked back. It's amazing how much life gets better when you realise that the grass isn't always greener on the other side and what you had to start off with isn't as bad as you first thought it was.

Shortly after his return to America we moved to Texas for four months. He went to a new school there for two months and met some nice kids there. Then it was onto his new home and another new school. To date this has been his best school. The first year he couldn't play football as he had broken his ankle during football camp that year and the doctors had told him he couldn't play on it for a year. So his first year was just being there for the coaches and the players. The second year he played second string quarterback and then later went on to be the starting wide receiver. He's hoping to play safety in the 2007 season, so we'll see how he progresses.

During all of this he has managed to keep up his excellent grades, and he's taken on a few lawn mowing jobs that has helped him achieve his dream of owning his own XBox 360. He bought a great TV off his parents and so now he's all set up in his own room - only coming out for popcorn and refreshments.

His little sister and brother have loads of fun playing with him when he's not glued to his TV set and he's a great big brother to have around.

In 2007 we're hoping he'll get his driver's licence, but Timothy doesn't seem to be interested in that one at the moment, and if he's not interested, it ain't gonna happen. Once he figures out that it's easier to drive than walk, I'm sure that will change in the blink of an eye.

Timothy's Surprise for Carl's Birthday

This is what Timothy did for Carl's third birthday. He locked himself in the kid's bedroom for quite a bit and when he came out he had blown up all of these balloons! No wonder he's looking a little piqued ... the kids absolutely loved playing in the balloons before they all ended up being popped!