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Todd's Page
(or 'The Man's Page')

This is Todd's part of the web-site, you knew there had to be something more dedicated to the love-of-my life! So here it is - no more mushy-girlie stuff, just all man from here on in on his pages!

Todd has many passions in his life, God, his family, fast cars, flying, big tender steaks, great beers and a drop of liquer to top it all off. Sounds like a fun life to me and it's one he enjoys.

He flies for the United States Air Force so there's one of his passions taken care of. His first two assignments were in the UH-1N (Huey helicopter) and he got to not only fly amongst the beautiful scenery of Montana and the Northwest United States, he also successfully completed several SAR (Search and Rescue) missions and has saved 4 lives. After he moved to Maryland he flew in and around Washington DC so he got to see theNational Mall up close and personal, which isn't all that common after September 11th.

In November 2003 he found the car of his dreams on Ebay. So after a drive from Maryland to Tennessee to pick it up, Todd had his '67 Corvette. At this point I'll get him to tell me a little more about it so that I don't get the facts wrong.

Here are some personal favourite photos of his so you can get an idea of what makes this man tick!

L-88 in Fort Washington


The Hood of Todd's 427


The L-88 with a backdrop of Washington DC


L-88 with Fort Washington in the background


Another Angle of the Hood


The American Flag flying above Fort Washington

Todd's L-88 with a Texan Sunrise as a backdrop


Todd flying up the Potamac River

Todd flying up the Potomac with the roof of the House of Congress in the background.

One of his Other Passions
Yeap - here is one of his other passions - BEER! And he likes taking photos of beer too, maybe I should add that to the list.


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